The Shop

This is where preknitted items will be showcased for sale.

This is the gallery of current listings on Etsy. To check prices or to place an order for a finished piece, visit my shop: TailoredKnitsThatFit

Note: As of August 1, 2016, 10% of all profits from ready-made sales will fund the donation of knitted items to selected charities! Scroll down for the list of selected organizations and the gifts available to each. While getting a treat for yourself, you are giving a gift to others…good for you!



Jayne Cobb Firefly Hat

A hat just like Jayne Cobb wore in Firefly!



  • spcaLA; Los Angeles, CA : dog/cat beds
  • Cancer Support Community–Benjamin Center; Los Angeles, CA : hats
  • St. Francis Center : blankets
  • Knit Aid; London, UK : snoods (aka, cowls) and fingerless gloves


More organizations will be added in the future.


If you have helpful suggestions for redesigning this page, you are welcome to comment.

For custom orders, please fill out the form below.


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